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This FREE 35-page Ultimate Dance Studio Recital Planner Includes...

  • Plan your show theme.
  • Timeline of important dates.
  • Music list "brain dump".
  • Costume planning. 
  • Vendor password tracker.
  • Vendor contact list. 
  • Marketing goal planner. 
  • 12-monthly & weekly planners
  • Recital prop master list. 
  • Volunteer list. 
  • Recital to-do list. 
  • Project planners. 
  • Recital communication plan. 
  • Recital priorities planner. 
  • Recital expense tracker.
  • Staff gift planner + tracker.
  • Recital merchandise planner.

Hi, I'm Cameron!

I created this Dance Studio Recital Planner because I want to help you feel confident and prepared for your next recital season. 

As a studio owner for almost 10 years, believe me, I understand how much work and planning goes into a successful dance recital! I also know, that when I take the time to organize my thoughts and ideas on paper it's such a weight off my mind.

I hope this Dance Studio Recital planner will make it easy for you to be prepared and organized for your next recital so that you can make it your most successful recital yet!

- Cameron Ligon

Studio Owner and founder of