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Standing Ovation Recital Packs 

Done-For-You Themed Recital Packs 


Dance Studio Owners: Can You Relate?

You want to give your studio families an AMAZING recital experience that will knock their socks off, but just don't have the TIME to devote to creating all the details from scratch. 

  • You want to impress your studio parents, but just don't have the time to coordinate all the tiny details (on tops of everything ELSE you have to do to run your studio). 
  • You love the idea of a perfectly themed and branded recital, but are afraid to spend a fortune on custom graphic design work.
  • You know you could save yourself so much time and hassle if your recital was just more organized. 
  • You want to showcase your students and studio in the best possible way, but aren't sure how to take your recitals to the next level without breaking the bank.  
  • You're not a graphic design expert so creating your programs, cast t-shirts, year-end certificates, and marketing materials takes you FOREVER (and doesn't ever look the way you want it to anyway). 
  • You know that parents these days expect a lot for their money, and are afraid your recital experience isn't what modern parents expect

Forget wasting time designing & creating all your recital materials from scratch...

With Standing Ovation Recital Packs all the hard work has already been done for you so that you can focus on doing what you do best... showcasing your fabulous students!

Save Time & Hassle

All the hard work has been done for you... from programs to promotion... all you have to do is fill in your studio's details and send to the printer!

Impress Your Studio Parents

Each Standing Ovation Recital Pack is based around a professionally branded theme giving you a consistent and professional "look" that will impress your studio parents.

Feel More  Organized

 Let go of the stress of wondering what you're forgetting. Instead, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being organized and prepared. 

Standing Ovation Recital Packs Make It EASY For You To Produce The Recital Of Your Dreams.

Step 1

Pick a recital theme that you know your students & studio parents will LOVE

Step 2

All the hard work has already been done for you...simply fill in your studio's details into all the professionally designed templates.

Step 3

Sit back and enjoy the applause and praise after another successful year and recital. 

You deserve it!

Perfectly Packaged To Impress...

From parent reminder emails, social media posts, to your programs, year-end certificates and recital shirts... with Standing Ovation Recital Kits you get a completely professionally branded look that will make your studio look like world-class studio that it is.

Each done-for-you recital pack is an instant digital download and comes with...

Themed Logo

Wow your dance families with a themed and branded recital experience they won't forget.

Branded Program Template

Simply fill in the blanks and send to your printer!

T-Shirt Cast List


Just add your students' names and you're good to go.

Branded Year-End Recital Certificate

Add your studio's logo for a custom look.

Themed Playlist Suggestions

Save time starting with a base list of themed song choices.

Costume Measurement Worksheet

Save time and stay organized with your costume ordering.

Branded Social Media + Communications Pack

Make it easy on yourself to keep parents informed as you head into recital week. 

Branded Costume Label Template

Stay organized, and looking professional, with ready-made costume labels. 

Produce The Recital Of Your Dreams (Without The Hassle & Stress Of Doing It All Yourself). 

Simply select your favorite ready-made recital pack and cross a dozen to-do's off your list all at once. 

Dance Teacher Dashboard Guarantee

My 60-Day 100% No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee:

I personally guarantee that this Done-For-You Recital Pack will save you hours of time and hassle, and will knock the socks off your dance families at the same time!

If you're not completely satisfied, for any reason, with this product I will gladly give you a full refund, no questions asked.


- Cameron Ligon

Creator of The Standing Ovation 'Done-For-You' Recital Packs and founder of The Dance Teacher Dashboard.

Dance Teacher Dashboard
Megan Meyers - Creator of The Princess Ballerinas Dance Program™

“The Standing Ovation Recital Packs are BRILLIANT... So many of the little details are just taken care of. Plus, there are several elements I know I'd never think to create on my own- like the countdown images. What a fabulous resource for studio owners!”

Creator of The Princess Ballerinas Dance Program™